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Project Description
This project includes tools for extracting and deploying DTS (Not SSIS) packages to a SQL 2000/2005/2008 server. This is especially useful when deploying more than a couple of packages, or a SQL upgrade where DTS will still be used.

This project is broken into two seperate applications, each with its own purpose.

The first application is the packaging app, it's function is read the packages out of the source server an store them in the file system, it also can also create a manifest file that contains a list of all packages that were extracted. The manifest file is required by the deployment application, but can easily be generated or modified manually.

DTS Packager     DTS Packager

The second application is the deployment app, it's function is to read a manifest file and push all included packages into the destination server.

DTS Deploy

This project depends on a few other open and closed source solutions.
The first is the ChilkatSoft .Net library for .Net 2.0/3.5, this library is used to parse the manifest file, it makes this process VERY easy, we are using only the free aspects of this commercial library, it is available at: ChilkatSoft .Net Downloads I have used some of the other (non-free) functionality provided by this library previously and found it to be very good, the developer is also open to changes/additions that benefit the library as a whole.  Mileage may vary..  But I would recommend them.

The second is the Enterprise Library Version 5.0, this library is used for the Data Access block, it is available at: Enterprise Library on Codeplex

The libraries are installed at their default locations and in the case of the Enterprise Library the the binary distribution was used..

Note: This is being release as an x86 only deployment largely due to the ChilkatSoft library being used.  While there are x86 and x64 versions of that library, there are distinctly separate libraries for each.  If anyone has an easy change to break away from this I would be willing to consider it.  My knowledge of the framework XML libraries is limited, so be gentle.

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